International Peer Reviewed Publications (impact factor in brackets)

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Gil Clavel BS, Grow A, Bijlsma MJ. Migration Policies and Immigrants’ Language Acquisition in EU15: Evidence from Twitter. Population and Developed Review. Accepted for Publication.

Burgos Ochoa L, Bijlsma MJ, Steegers EAP, Been J. Bertens L. Does neighbourhood crime mediate the relationship between neighbourhood socioeconomic status and birth outcomes? An application of the mediational gformula. American Journal of Epidemiology. Accepted for Publication.

Hu Y, Korhonen K, Li P, Bobak M, Martikainen P, Bijlsma MJ. Association between alcohol use disorders and dementia in 262,703 dementiafree Finnish adults: Is cardiovascular disease a mediator? The Journals of Gerontology: Series A. Accepted for Publication.

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Högnäs RS, Bijlsma MJ, Högnäs U, Blomqvist S, Westerlund H, Magnussen Hanson L. It’s giving me the blues: a fixedeffects and gformula approach to understanding job insecurity, sleep disturbances, and major depression. Social Science and Medicine 2022; 297: 114805. Link (Open Access).

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Diallo AO, Ali MK, Geldsetzer P, Gower EW, Mukama T, Wagner RG, Davies J, Bijlsma MJ, Sudharsanan N. Systolic blood pressure and mortality in South Africa: Evidence from a nationally representative cohort study. The Lancet: Healthy Longevity 2021; 2:2, e78–e86. Link (Open Access). This paper received a commentary. Our response to the commentary:

Sudharsanan N, Diallo AO, Ali MK, Geldsetzer P, Gower EW, Mukama T, Wagner RG, Davies J, Bijlsma MJ. Questioning a South African hypertension threshold of 150 mm Hg – Authors’ reply. The Lancet: Healthy Longevity 2021. DOI: 10.1016/S2666-7568(21)00095-7. Link (Open Access).

Bijlsma MJ, Wilson B. Modelling the socio-economic determinants of fertility: a mediation analysis using the parametric g-formula. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) 2020; 183(2): 493-513. Link (Open Access). Based on MPIDR Working Paper WP-2017-013.

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Under review & working papers

See my Curriculum Vitae PDF file. Most of my under review & working papers are not listed online so that a search of the title does not easily identify the authors. This is done to keep the review process adequately blinded. Exceptions are published working papers.

Wilson B, Bijlsma MJ, Aradhya S, Goisis A. Problems in the family: Controlling for age, period or cohort in sibling comparison designs. Stockholm Research Reports in Demography 2021:4. ISSN 2002-617X.

Riffe T, Van Raalte A, Bijlsma MJ. Healthy life expectancy, mortality, and age prevalence of morbidity. MPIDR Working Paper WP-2017-015. (2017). (Eternal Working Paper: RIP).

Dutch language publications

Van Doorn E, Darvishian M, Dijkstra F, Bijlsma MJ, Donker GA, de Lange MMA, Cadenau LM, Hak E, Meijer A. Effectiviteit van influenzavaccinatie in Nederland: dominant circulerend virustype en match zijn bepalend. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 2017;161:D1648.

Bijlsma MJ, Janssen F, Bos HJ, Kamphuisen PW, Vansteelandt S, Hak E. Associatie tussen gebruik van statine en cardiovasculaire sterfte in Nederland 1994-2010: een ecologische studie. Medisch Farmaceutische Mededelingen 2015; 4: 23-5.

Bijlsma MJ, Oortgiesen BE, Beernink RHJ, Bos J, Wilffert B, Hak E. Het effect van de CBG-waarschuwing op de trend in SSRI-gebruik in Nederland van 1998 tot 2010. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2014;8:A1406.

Bijlsma MJ, Bos HJ, De Jong-van den Berg LTW, Janssen F. Periodepatronen, leeftijdpatronen en cohortpatronen in de prevalentie van benzodiazepinegebruik en statinegebruik: de invloed van veranderde richtlijnen. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad Wetenschappelijk Platform 2011; 5(10): 169-173.

Bijlsma MJ, Moerman JM. Herdenken in een post-geografische ruimte. Rooilijn 2010; 43(1) pp. 22-7.

Official Reports

Aarts M, van Hoogstraten L, Bijlsma MJ, De Groot J, Siesling S. Actualisatierapport protonentherapie 2022. Raming vande benodigde capaciteit tot en met 2032. Integraal Kankercentrum Nederland: Utrecht (2022).